Benjamin Tigano Developer at Large


Benjamin Tigano is a full-time software developer and web application developer living in southeastern Massachusetts. After receiving his AS degree in Computer Information Systems, Benjamin transferred to Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts for a BS in Information Systems Management. He is a Zend certified PHP engineer and leads the development team at a nationwide mortgage company in Newport, RI.

**I thought writing the above paragraph in the third-person would seem more professional, but it felt so weird doing it. I'll continue in the first person...

Here are some random facts about me:

  • I refuse to ever stop learning. I haven't yet found a medication for it.
  • Every car I've owned was a Jetta, and I'm on my fifth one.
  • I have unrealistic badminton skills. My volleyball skills are an inverse of those skills.


Although my career is still pretty young, I've been exposed to quite a bit of technologies, methodologies, and ideologies. I worked as the sole developer at a high-mix, mid-volume electronics manufacturer, as well as on a team of developers at an award-winning finance company. I've worked on projects that were used by only a few, and others for only a few hundred. I've done analysis on datasets with just a few dozen records, and others with hundreds of thousands of records. I've developed with Java and PHP, MySQL and Oracle. I've worked in environments where C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server reigned supreme, and adapted quickly to what the .NET Framework has to offer. I've worked with industry experts, and upcoming talent, megalomaniacs, and humble visionaries. Despite all this, I know I haven't yet hit the tip of the iceberg. If you're looking for a resume, you can find it here.

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