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SPC Live!

Technologies: XHTML, CSS, AJAX, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL
Platform: Windows - Apache
External Integrations: Google Charts API
W3C XHTML Strict Valid: Yes    W3C CSS Valid: Yes

SPC Live! Error Report Screen

Error Report Screen

SPC Live! is a web application built for an electronics manufacturer that was seeking a solution that could prove more useful than Microsoft Access reports. The solution, a custom web-based solution written entirely in PHP, with a MySQL database on the backend. The result, was SPC Live!
SPC Live! Improvement Request Screen

Improvement Request Screen

The solution allowed process engineers, quality inspectors, and upper management to log-in to their own user accounts on the SPC Live! system, and generate, bookmark, and print-out customized data reports for criteria which they selected. These reports not only generated a detailed analysis of the client's data, but also allowed the user to export those results in industry standard formats such as CSV and PDF files.The reports generated included the textual data, as well as pie graphs depicting yield percentages, and bar graphs for specific quantities.

SPC Live! Yield Report Breakdown

Yield Report Breakdown

Users could bookmark certain reports, to keep a live feed of the results pertaining to the criteria that was bookmarked. This allowed users to bookmark a result set, and get fresh data at any point without having to re-select criteria.The system was supplemented with data from an Access database file, which was exported with a service (which I also wrote) to the MySQL server for processing and analysis.

CircuitSmart Software

Technologies: Microsoft Visual C# .NET, Microsoft Office
Platform: Windows - .NET Framework 2.0
External Integrations: Microsoft Excel

Step 2: Get XY Data

Step 2: Get XY Data

CircuitSmart was built for an electronics manufacturer that had implemented Yestech automated optical inspection equipment (AOI.) To create an inspection "recipe" that the machine could understand required using a very basic Excel macro supplied by Yestech. My client wanted to both decrease the time it took to create an inspection recipe, as well as link the part library used by the Yestech equipment with the part library used by the rest of the company.
Step 3: Get BOM Data

Step 3: Get BOM Data

In just a few weeks, CircuitSmart came to fruition. It allowed for importing recipe data from either an existing recipe file (for modification and optimization), or from using the bill of materials (BOM) and XY data supplied by the customer.Once it had all of the data, it would define the part specifications based on the part library from the company's external database, match up the coordinates with their placements, and create the file for the machine to import. Creating an average file went from ~25 to less than 5 minutes. And importing a file created by CircuitSmart took about 60% less time.

Step 4: Data Mix

Step 4: Data Mix

Lastly, before the file is generated, the user is also notified of data mismatches such as locations existing in XY coordinates, but not in the BOM data, and vice-versa.
Step 5: Final Configuration

Step 5: Final Configuration

Are you currently using Yestech AOI equipment and are interested in getting a copy of CircuitSmart? Contact me and we can discuss the details. Or even if you're not using Yestech equipment) but are interested in something similar, let me know the details and we'll see what we can do.
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